An ancient Sanskrit word, 'Kosh,' means a repository of items, evoking the imagery of a 'Sanduk.' With The House of Kosh, we aim to deliver the same experience of pure elation and bliss as opening up a treasure trove. 

The House of Kosh is a homegrown womenswear label offering elevated ensembles with the perfect combination of silhouettes, vibrant hues, and intricate embroidery details.

Launched in the year 2020, The House of Kosh is the brainchild of Sreyanshi Sonika. Having completed successful stints at leading fashion houses of our country, Sabyasachi and Rahul Mishra, Sreyanshi envisioned creating premium fashion more accessible. 

During these changing times, where we are looking for more utility and functional products with the right edge to stand out, Kosh envisions being the answer to just that.

At The House of Kosh, we believe that luxury is not measured by its price but by the story it embodies. Individually handcrafted, with precision to detail, each garment is an expression of personal touch and creative imagination.